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May the funk be with you BBP (BUSINESS BEFORE PLEASURE)

Welcome to the world of BBP, where the spirit of the original school forever rocks and shocks the imagination. Based in the Bronx by way of Tokyo, this renegade multi-media scheme team knows no bounds - from producing acclaimed films and music videos to dropping exclusive mix-tapes and wax to applying its artistic might to all areas of graphic design.

However, the skill trade BBP may be best known for is its line of fresh, fly, wild, and bold gear. While other street wear crews continually regurgitate the same obvious hip-hop imagery, BBP cleverly merges the eclectic and essential in its celebration of "Golden Era" iconography. You ain't fresh... 'till you're rocking some BBP.

When not channeling the spirit of the Boogie Down from one project to the next, the crew may be spotted sampling jerk chicken and oxtail platters off Grand Concourse, serving the competition at their local tennis court, or digging for vintage rap cassingles in a dusty basement near you.

They like what they like. You'll like it too.
Get down with the crew called BBP!

Chairman Mao - Ego Trip Magazine

■ What's new ■

STUSSY x KODP x 45 KING x BBP Varsity Jacket (12/21)
Look Book Spring 2014 (11/21)
Film & Video Inquiries (10/14)
G.E.D. Feat Psycho Les (Beatnuts) “BROOKLYN BOLLYWOOD” Music Video (10/14)